Technical Specification

System Gas Pressure
Overall Length 92cm
Trigger Distance 33cm
Barrel Length 47cm
Gauge 12
Chamber 76mm
Weight 3,86 kgs
Magazine Capacity 2 – 5 – 10 Round

Colour Options

Basak NP47 Green


Basak NP47 Green Patern

Green Pattern

Basak NP47 Green Aging

Green Aging

Basak NP47 Smoked


Basak NP47 Smoked Pattern

Smoked Pattern

Basak NP47 Smoked Aging

Smoked Aging

Basak NP47 Bronze


Basak NP47 Bronze Pattern

Bronze Pattern

Basak NP47 Bronze Aging

Bronze Aging

What Is In The Box

✔ Basak NP47
✔ User Manual
✔ 2 Round Magazine
✔ 5 Round Magazine
✔ 10 Round Magazine
✔ Foldable Rear-Front Sights

✔ Classic Rear-Front Sights
✔ Rifle Spanner
✔ Bipod Grip
✔ Security Lock
✔ Receiver Separator Pin

✔ Cleaning Kit
✔ Weapon Oil
✔ Rifle Sling (Single Point)
✔ Shooting Glasses
✔ Earplug

Metal Body Design

The upper & lower receiver and handguard made of aluminum is more solid, and have a more beautiful appearance with their sharp lines.

47 cm barrel made of AISI 4140 Chrome-Molybdenum steel. Gas operated system around the barrel. And thinner handguard.

Easily separable upper & lower receiver. Not only cleaning and maintenance is easier, it can also be stored in a smaller place and easier to carry.

You can adjust your rifle for yourself thanks to the extendable stock. If in your country it is not allowed to use extendable stock, we have fixed stock for NP47.

Soft and orthopedic grip

Foldable rear & front sights